Facts about the crew

The members of pilot Peter (Arthur Clement) Bartters crew were:

Nick name Rank Service number PoW number Service Function
Arthur Clement Bartter Peter Flight Lieutenant 110875 RAF Pilot
Clarence William Fry Joe Flying Officer J 22493 RCAF Navigator
Ernesto Howell Flying Officer 144194 RAF Wireless Operator
Nicholas Anderson Nick Flight Sergeant 1542641 StaLag 4B PoW number 267429 RAF Fligt engineer
Frederick Turvil W/O 517252 StaLag 4B PoW number n/a RAF 2nd pilot
Stanley Gordon Grieve Smith Flight Sergeant 1890877 StaLag 4B PoW number 267479 RAF Mid upper Gunner
Walter Ralph Riggs Flight Sergeant 1600344 StaLag 4B PoW number 267473 RAF Reargunner
Brian Henry Atkins Flight Sergeant 170267 StaLag 4B PoW number 267430 RAF Bombaimer & 2nd pilot


The Barrter crew
Behind from left: Riggs, Atkins, Howell and Smith. Front from left: Fry, Bartter and Anderson. Turvil is not on this photo.