The Halifax aircraft

The Handley Page Halifax was a four-engined heavy bomber operated by the British Royal Air Force during World War II. Special versions were made for Special Operations Executive (S.O.E) to drop weapons and agents over Europe.  In the video below you can step inside a Halifax and get a tour!

Halifax BB378 used on the operation to Denmark was a modified version and had neither mid-upper turret nor a Monica (warning radar). 


 Here is the full list of aircraft used by The Bartter crew  in 138 Squadron.

Aircraft Date Destination Base
HAL T304 08/09/1943 France Tempsford
HAL W156 15/09/1943 France Tempsford
n/a 18/09/1943 North Africa* Blida (Algeria)
HAL DT726 02/10/1943 Yugoslavia* Protville II (Tunesia)
HAL BB 429 “B” 03/10/1943 Yugoslavia* Protville II (Tunesia)
n/a 09/10/1943 n/a* Protville II (Tunesia)
HAL M161 16/10/1943 France Tempsford
HAL T284 18/10/1943 France Tempsford
HAL H 21/10/1943 France Tempsford
HAL L 07/11/1943 France Tempsford
HAL D 09/11/1943 France Tempsford
HAL “O” 275 10/11/1943 France Tempsford
HAL T 12/11/1943 France Tempsford
HAL “O” 275 25/11/1943 France Tempsford
n/a 29/11/1943 France Tempsford
HAL BB378 10/12/1943 Denmark Tempsford


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