Operation Table Jam 18

The  tasks of Operation Table Jam 18 was to drop the Danish S.O.E Chieforganiser Major Flemming B. Muus near Ringsted (Gyldenløves Høj) and then drop nine containers near the lake Tissø on Operation Table Jam 19.

The heartshaped lake (Valsølille Sø) was the pinpoint for the Table Jam 18 operation. Photo: Luftwaffe, July 1944.

Halifax BB378 never returned to Tempsford Airbase. The aircraft caught fire after it was hid by a german night fighter near the Table Jam 18 dropzone. The pilot managed by  to emergency land in Bonderup near St. Merløse.

All onboard survived and got away but the aircraft was heavily damaged. 

Halifax BB378 after the emergency landing. Photo: Nigel Atkins, Copyright (C)
The crash landing in Bonderup

The first message sent from Denmark to London about the Halifax BB378 emergency landing:

Telegram sent from “Napkin” (S.O.E. wireless radio operator L. A. Duus Hansen) December 12th 1943.

The exact locations of Table Jam 18 and 19 can be seen on the zoomable map:

Table Jam 19 drop zone (Near Tissø)

Halifax BB378 crash area (Bonderup Allé, north of Store Merløse). 

Table Jam 19 dropzone (Near Skjoldnæsholm, Ringsted)

The story of the Bartter crew by Nigel Atkins. Video (37:11 min.) / Copyright Holbaek Museum (C)