Can you help us?

We are searching for information about these persons  for the Halifax BB378 project and other projects:


#1: Harry Mott, POW Stalag 4B, born Nov 2nd 1921. He served in 78 Squadron, Bomber Command and escaped from Stalag 4B in Germany. Servicenumber 953178.  Death in Nuneaton, UK.


#2: Julie Bartter (?) or Julie Castelli (?). She lived in Rome with pilot Peter Bartter and his wife.

Former adress: Colle Jonci, Velletri, 00049 Roma, Italy.


#3: Flight sergeant Walter Ralph Riggs, 138 Squadron. Born June 29th 1922. Dead 2005. Area: Spetisbury, Dorset, UK. 

His former adresss was : THE CLOSE 22, DORSET, BLANDFORD FORUM DT117HA


#4: Relatives to the american airman Boyd M. Blount, servicenumber 38271631. He was POW in Stalag 4B in Germany and switched identity and dog tag with Nick Anderson from Halifax BB378. Switching identity made it possible for Anderson to escape from Stalag 4B.


#5: Relatives to Frederick Turvil (1915-2000). He served in RAF 138 Squadron during WW2. Frederik lived according to the electoral rolls after the war and in 1960 (and perhaps later) at 18 Mays Road, Teddington, Middlesex. Frederick Turvil died in Berkshire (Slough)  in 2000.

He was married to Helen D. Turvil and has to sons Jack Turvil and William H. Turvil

If you have information about these airmen or relatives  please write to: